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This month’s REIF High Point Meeting is about Private Money. Steve Goldhersz will be sharing how to get started in Private Money at the meeting. It should be an incredible learning opportunity for our group.

In addition, attendees at the meeting will receive a Special Report on Private Money. This report was written by another Florida Investor, Augie Byllott. So, everyone in attendance will get TWO entirely different perspectives and information on Private Money this month.

We thought we would share a sneak peek of the Special Report:

You Can Help the Masses

The answer to this question is simple; people are intrigued by money. Those that don’t have it want it and those who have it want more. Why, you ask? People fear scarcity. Working people wonder if, and when, they will be able to retire. Retirees worry that they won’t outlive their money.

It is a great mystery to many and sadly, it is how other people keep score. More practically, it is what pays the bills both now and hopefully one day in our retirement, assuming we can actually retire one day. Social security is broken, pension plans aren’t what they once were and too many people began their retirement planning way to close to hen they thought they would retire.

The bottom line is that for many we are a great option to the stock market. We offer safety and predictability. The stock market can do really well right up until the bottom drops out and depending where one is on that roller coaster, the results could be devastating.

You might be thinking, you’re right stocks are risky, volatile and unpredictable, but what about CDs, aren’t they a safer way to go? Low interest rates literally kill CD investors. I’m talking about all those folks who thought a 5% yield would pay for their retirement. But when rates dropped to 1% they lost 80% of their retirement income.

People need solid returns in order to thrive and you can make that possible. While you help them, they can help you. It’s a win/win!

Come to the meeting this Thursday at 6:00 PM and you can get the rest! Register here: There is no cost for the meeting.

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