New and Exciting Things for Jacksonville Real Estate Investors

If you think Summer is a slow time, then you might want to skip this post because we have been busy, busy, busy.

We know that Real Estate Investors have to solve two problems to make money: finding deals and finding money. REIF has spent the last two months solving both for our members. And, we found a few great ways to save you thousands of dollars a year in your Real Estate Investing business. Here’s how.

  1. Every member of REIF receives five FREE leads each month – cash buyers, upside down owners, absentee owners, tax liens, bankruptcy leads, renters, potential private money sources and more. You chose the type and quantity (up to five) that you want to receive. We introduced this program at our July meeting.
  2. Money! We have put together exclusive deals with people who will fund your deals. Fast approval, fast 2015-08-18_17-43-01closings and MONEY! We are proud to announce that Patch of Land has chosen REIF to be the exclusive provider of funding in North Florida. They have already set up a page exclusively for our members to get started.
  3. More Money! Patch of Land was just the beginning. REIF is putting together a FREE Funding Source Directory – exclusively for members. These are organizations that have money and they want to put it to work with Real Estate Investors here in North Florida. We are gathering information daily and will have it in an easy to read E-directory.
  4. Saving money! In August, REIF rolls out it exclusive Appliance Catalog from The Home Depot. Yes, they have put together an appliance catalog with exclusive pricing for REIF members. Discounts are up to 25% of the sale prices you would see in stores.
  5. Saving more money! Also in August, REIF rolled out an exclusive paint program for REIF Members. You will receive a 20% discount on paints and primers – right at checkout!
  6. Get money! All purchases in the new Appliance and Paint programs qualify for the Home Depot 2% rebate program! Plus, all the other great rewards of being a Home Depot Pro Xtra/REIF member.

Plus, REIF continues to offer free information at its Monthly High Point meeting on the third Thursday of each month at 6 PM at the Ramada Hotel & Conference Center at Baymeadows and I-95. This month Denny Troncoso will share how to present and package your deals for funding. This is a must-have skill for any Real Estate Investor.

Join us and find out how you can move your Real Estate Investing business to a new level.


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