Here’s a Snippet of One of the Special Reports for Our June 18th Meeting!

Here’s a short snippet from our Special Report. It is one of two we will be giving away at our June 18 meeting. Hope you enjoy the preview.


What does prosperity mean to you? Before I help you with the definition, I want you to stop right now. Stop everything. Turn off the TV, or radio and all other, “iDistractions”. Just think for a moment about the word prosperity, and what it means to you. Take a few moments to crystalize and define prosperity as you see it.

Merriam Webster defines, “Prosperity,” as follows:  “the state of being successful usually by making a lot of money.”

When rProsperityeading the short definition, three major things jump out at me. First, prosperity is a far deeper than just a 10-letter word. It’s a, “state of being”. Second, prosperity is a measurement of success, or how successful one is. And finally, prosperity is usually measured by, “Making a lot of money”.


How does that dictionary definition measure-up with the definition you just created? Dictionary definitions are derived from our culture, so if you’re like most Americans, this dictionary definition probably stacks up pretty closely with your definition.

So let me ask you – would you consider someone who makes $40,000 per year, prosperous? How about a person who rakes in a staggering $1,000,000 per year? Would you consider this person prosperous?

Again, if you’re being honest, you’re answers to the questions above more than likely track closely with your fellow Americans. You probably answered a resounding, “No,” to the $40,000 / year earnings, and a big fat, “Yes!” to the one million bucks per year. Go ahead. Admit it. It’s OK.

Maybe you’re thinking, “If I made a million bucks in cash per year, I’d be beyond prosperous!” Maybe you’re even thinking if you could only reach one million in income, all your worldly troubles would be completely gone.

Let’s dive in a little deeper.

What if that super-prosperous person earning 1 million dollars per year actually needs 1.3 million dollars per year to maintain his lifestyle? Conversely, what if the guy making $40,000 per year only needs $20,000 per year to meet his bills?

The definition above tells us that prosperity is first defined as a “state of being”. Webster further defines prosperity as a feeling of abundance, security or well-being. Assuming that is true, ask yourself – who feels more prosperous; the person earning $1 million, but who needs $1.3 million to survive or the person who earns $40,000 but who only needs only $20-grand to survive?

Based on my very compelling example above, wouldn’t you agree our cultural definition of prosperity, could be just a little jacked-up? If your definition was similar to the dictionary version, the next several pages will absolutely challenge you to the very core of your beliefs.

Get the rest of this at the REIF High Point of the Month meeting on Thursday, June 18 at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Center on Baymeadows at 1-95. The meeting starts at 6 PM.

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